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While attempting to unclog your drain with a plunger is a typical initial step for any homeowner to attempt, the time has come to call a drain cleaning expert in the event that the plunger doesn't work. Your handyman will have the tools and experience to rapidly distinguish and clear the stop up without contributing further harm to your pipes or home.


Unless there is a preexisting pipeline issue, gas line servicing can often times get overlooked. Appliances that utilize gas can be installed improperly, which poses issues of leaking that may lead to safety hazards within the property. Our technicians at Rooter Shield ensure that you and your property are safe from leaks through our high-quality inspection and repair services.


Plumbing problems can be catastrophic for commercial locations. Something as simple as a pipe leak or clog can paralyze or shut down your business, not to mention negatively affecting your customers and employees. Let our experts at Rooter Shield keep your business operating smoothly.


Renovation or new build projects often require plumbing services to install new sinks, showers, toilets or even kitchens. Once you and your design team have an installation plan in place, contact Rooter Shield, professional plumbers who make sure the job is done correctly the first time.


Heating and cooling is crucial to the overall comfort within your home so we want to help ensure everything involving ducting, piping, and heating is operating at full capacity.


We are confident that we can provide a solution to any plumbing problem that arises. Our licensed plumbing specialists will resolve any issue big or small and guarantee the highest level of care and professionalism.