How much does it cost to clean a drain?

At Rooter Shield, we offer an $80 clean-out special. The average drain cleaning cost is $250, but it can cost anywhere between $99 and $700. We know this is a wide range, but there are several factors that can affect the price, including: the exact location of the blockage.

How much does it cost to unclog a main drain line?

To unclog a main drain line the standard cost ranges from $250-$350. At Rooter Shield we offer a better rate of $150-$250, depending on the severity and location of the clog.

How often should you have your main drain cleaned?

You should ideally have your main drain cleaned every 6 months to avoid any buildup. If the main drain gets clogged, this can lead to corrosion in your pipes.

Is drain cleaning necessary?

Yes, the longer you wait to clean your drain, the higher the probability of running into a plumbing issue. Drain blockages can lead to corrosion and the attraction of roots over time.

Does Rooter Shield offer all plumbing services in Burbank?

Yes, we can provide plumbing solutions to any issue you are experiencing. Drain cleaning in Burbank is probably our most common service.

How do I find the right plumber?

As in most states in the United States, consider only licensed plumbers, especially if your state requires a license. Ask the plumber how involved he is in the plumbing business. At Rooter Shield, we have years of experience, specializing in commercial and residential plumbing.

How do you prevent drains getting clogged?

Clogged drains are not unavoidable-eventually over time, they will occur.

To assist with preventing drain clogs, you can:

  • Introduce sifters/traps over channels to get hair, unfamiliar articles, and other particles
  • Flush nothing other than tissue and waste down latrines
  • Keep latrine tops shut to keep little articles from falling in
  • Utilize a waste disposal to hack up endorsed food things; put any remaining food squander in the garbage
  • Consider having a water conditioner introduced to decrease "hard" water development
  • Wash nothing down channels that shouldn't go down

How much does it cost to fix roots in a sewer line?

For a permanent fix, $1,000-$6,000. For a temporary fix $600-$900. this is entirely dependent on how much damage is caused by the roots and if the system needs a full or partial replacement.

Is trenchless sewer repair better?

Yes, because we do not have to trench the entire piping system. In short, it's a much more efficient and less messy solution. Rooter offers great services for sewer repair in Los Angeles.

How much does it cost to fix a main sewer line clog?

It varies based on accessibility of the sewer line and the location of the clog. If it requires hydro-jetting, this would be less labor intensive and a quicker solution.

When should a sewer line be repaired?

A sewer line should be repaired once it starts causing multiple backups even after snaking the line. This is a sign that the system is starting to reach its life capacity.

What is the hourly rate for a plumber in my area?

The hourly rate for a plumber in your area is approximately $45-$55.

How much is a plumber in LA?

The cost of a Los Angeles plumber, specifically a Northridge plumber is dependent on the type of service you need. It boils down to whether it is a special or ordinary job and how much time it will take to fix it.

What are the types of plumbing services?


Why do plumbers charge a call out fee?

Plumbers charge a call out fee because they have to come to a specific location in order to provide assistance. They also have to get there in a timely manner in the event of an emergency.